Laughter Yoga and massage

A Tenuta Monacelle our guests can experience the wonderful power of the vibration of their laughter. The Hasya Yoga is a revolutionary idea simple and effective, drawn up by the Indian doctor Dr. Madan Katari, which combines unconditional laughter exercises that stimulate the "Pranayama", yoga breathing harmonizing body and mind, bringing greater oxygenation to the brain and body and strengthening the immune system.

Group and individual sessions of laughter yoga are available for people of all ages.
During the sessions of Laughter Yoga people benefit quickly from a high physical, emotional and spiritual. Furthermore, to give guests more moments of physical and mental wellbeing, Tenuta Monacelle offers a wide variety of massages, including the Thai massage researched, the origins of which are very remote: it was disclosed centuries ago by Buddhist movement through your doctor Indian Jivaka Kumar Bhacca which undertook to mix with other principles of Ayurvedic technique of Yoga tradition.

Performed on the floor on a mat, more and more people today appreciate his technique and harmonious great benefits not only physical, but also emotional and energetic. This type of massage has useful therapeutic purposes: charging energy, improves posture, gives elasticity to the skin and body movements.