The estate

It was the year 1790 when the estate was founded by the Benedictine nuns of the St. Joseph of Monopoli.

The birth of the name “Monacelle” has different origins. One of those attributes the origin of the name to the appellative of the sisters (or nuns) who used to live in the structure. MaOn the other hand, many argue that, during the evening you can see the snails, which in the local dialect of this hilly place are precisely called “Monacelle”.

In the village, which is made up of 28 trulli, daily rural activities used to take place. A habit of the nuns was to cook and bake food in order to give it to the peasants. It is also visible the exterior of a church, the "cummersa", now deconsecrated and used as a suite.

The convent is now occupied by the restaurant and it is quite curious that you can still find an original watering hole for cows and sheep and an ancient fireplace which used to be used as an oven and now make the environment warmer.

The passing of time has not changed the historical structure of the estate which, although modernized, have preserved the village and the unforgettable charm of that distant eighteenth century.