Cooking class

Tenuta Monacelle is just the perfect place to disconnect from the urban chaos, reconnecting with nature and making new experiences, such as learning to cook. It's a great opportunity to learn how to make traditional dishes of Puglia, such as “orecchiette” pasta, meatballs, focaccia, and more.

Through cooking classes you have the chance to discover the unique flavors of a land rich in culinary traditions, where food is often linked to fascinating stories and suggestive rituals; but also moments of fun and joy together with our chef and his friendly staff.There are several culinary themes proposed, each designed with know-how and taste. Tenuta Monacelle aprons and chef caps are also available. A certificate of merit will be given to the best students.

The harvest: cherries, mulberries, figs.
In addition to being the land of farms, trulli and ancient villages, the Valle d'Itria is also a producer of cherries in the world. Tenuta Monacelle preserves in its 20 hectares a beautiful cherry orchard consists of 900 trees that every year, between spring and summer, are tinged with red. It is an excellent opportunity to join a pleasant, relaxing stay in one of the charming trulli of the estate to the harvesting of this good fruit of healthy qualities and great taste.

The period of cherry harvest runs from mid-May until the end of June and it was during this period that to each room of the estate will be assigned a tree that guests will adopt and care of, gather its fruits with their own hands, and taste them freshly picked.