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Tenuta Monacelle is a deep soul place. Its architecture draws on the cultural traditions of Apulia and contains the stone, the stone walls, the red geraniums, the pinnacles of trulli, the natural flavors. Staying here means finding a dimension of relax and authentic pleasure. Among the Valle d'Itria olive trees, close to the Adriatic Sea, in every corner of the estate you can listen to a story of gestures, smells and voices of an authentic land.
Many different souls coexist in here. The one of hospitality with suggestions for short and long overnight staying. There’s the cult of catering with traditional but open to innovation cuisine. Always with a close relationship between food and wine.
Staying in Tenuta Monacelle means to embrace the true essence of a holiday. Each element contributes to enrich the heritage of a traveler. Have you ever slept in a Trullo? Do you know the consistency of the tufa from Salento our rooms are made of? Have you ever tasted the fragrance of bread or a freshly baked cake? Do you shiver with pleasure in trying a massage made by expert hands, surrounded by our plants aromas?
And there's more.


The entire estate can be covered by foot or bike. Even better barefoot. Barefoot in the Park.